For over 30 years our activity has consisted in giving value to our buildings. We offer an exclusive service, managing on a daily basis all the aspets of renting a luxury property: building management, maintenance and care are the foundations of our history. For the rental of luxury homes, apartments or shops.


COGERAM’s team is made of real estate professionals and consists of surveyors, engineers, architects and accountants who guarantee truly impeccable management. We do our best every day, with our personal commitment. Taking a rented house, renting a store or a studio is an important step, which must be handled professionally.


Giving value and constantly renovating our properties for rent – maintenance and enhancement.

We value our real estate assets taking care of the aesthetic and functional improvement of the buildings, apartments and houses on a daily basis, using cutting-edge technologies. Maintenance of common areas, concierge services, renovation of facades, coordination of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, selection of the most competent employees. Buildings – commercial or for private use – are best managed.


Administration and Accounting

Our professionals take care of the contracts and the legal aspects related to the rental contract, from ordinary and extraordinary accounting, to the updating of the guarantee deposits, from the final expenses to the regulatory and fiscal fulfilments.


Search and Selection of Luxury Properties

Rent of houses and apartments without intermediation costs. We take care of the selection of the property that best suits the commercial and residential needs of our customers. The rent of a shop, an attic, an apartment – with COGERAM – has no real estate brokerage costs.